Black American Privilege: Myth vs. Fact

The “privilege” of being an American isn’t felt to the same degree by every U.S. citizen. Perhaps the media has led folks abroad to believe that things here are just peachy for black folks. But they aren’t getting the whole picture. The argument that black Americans being in proximity to a collective that built its wealth and global dominance by stealing, assaulting, and killing our ancestors and people who look like us is a privilege is laughable. 


It’s Time For Black Women to Ditch Patriarchal Standards of Womanhood

Under the system of patriarchy, the code of conduct for women is centered around the opinions of men. Women are not encouraged to seek authenticity and self-actualization in the same ways men are. While women having professional careers has became more normative over the past 50 years, young girls are still being socialized to be become servants to men rather than individuals.

Teachers Are Upholding White Supremacy in Their Classrooms and Giving Them Guns is a Horrible Idea

We’re just three months into 2018 and already, several teachers across the U.S. have made it into the news for their racist behavior and commentary. A Florida teacher made it to headlines Saturday after HuffPost published a report linking her to a white nationalist podcast. Crystal River Middle School social studies teacher, Dayanna Volitich, was discovered to have been secretly hosting “Unapologetic”, a podcast featuring discussions on white supremacist ideology, under the pseudonym “Tiana Dalichov”.

Killmonger Is Not The Hero Of ‘Black Panther’– He’s Just Another Problematic Black Male Revolutionary

As an extremely part-time Marvel stan, my character analysis begins and ends with the “Black Panther” film. I can agree that T’Challa’s fortitude as a king is questionable, and his initial complacency with black oppression across the diaspora most certainly warrants criticism. But while parts of Killmonger’s quest to liberate black people look noble on paper, we can’t ignore his violence.

Trump Administration Wants To Choose Poor People’s Food For Them

The widespread disdain for food stamp recipients is a mixture of equal parts racism and classism. Participants are often portrayed as lazy, good-for-nothing leeches who undermine the efforts of hard-working Americans. This deep-seated hate for public aid recipients is so embedded in the political psyche of America that many don’t see an issue with the government dictating what low-income people get to eat. Our contempt for poor people is so profound that we’ve normalized them being undeserving of small pleasures, like simply enjoying a good meal.

Your Criticism of Blue Ivy is the Reason Why Black Girlhood is Rarely Carefree

Like most children, Blue Ivy displays obvious physical traits of both her mother and father. In my estimation, she is the perfect blend of Bey and Jay, and neither one could ever deny her adorable little self. But for some reason, people seem to have forgotten she is just a kid. People also tend to forget that Beyoncé is a human, who once too was a non-lace wig and non-makeup wearing youngster. As a culture, we love to objectify and idealize Bey as this perfect, blemish-free being at the expense of her humanity—she’s become a caricature of sorts. And by extension, we’ve been treating Blue in the same manner.

Walmart Faces Discrimination Lawsuit After Black Woman Exposes Racially Biased Asset Protection Policy

This Walmart conundrum points to an even larger issue: the implicit crime of browsing while black. It's not unusual for black people to be profiled and followed during the course of shopping. Many of us are hyperaware of the criminal perceptions we arouse and end up overcompensating to combat these stereotypes. Personally, I make it a point not to pull any belongings from my purse that could be perceived as stolen property. Lips get a little dry while I'm in CVS? Oh well. Whipping out a brand of lip balm that they happen to sell is not worth the potential trouble.

Black Folks: Your Reluctance to React to Racism Doesn’t Make You More Sensible Than Thou

It has become an exhausting norm for the white friends, colleagues, associates, and institutions that we once held in high esteem let us down. And I completely understand why it is easier for some black people to let racism go ignored and unchecked, rather than react to the incessant white nonsense that lands upon our desks each day. To do so is almost necessary if you prioritize protecting your inner peace. But your personal decision to remain dispassionate in the face of racism is just that: a personal decision.

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