The “P” Word: Examining the Intersections of Privilege and Oppression

Discussing the topic of privilege can be uncomfortable, if not outright aggravating for many people. You may wonder how you can be considered “privileged” when you’ve experienced hardships and roadblocks in your life that would suggest otherwise. But when we talk about the “p-word” in the context of sociology, we have to understand that pointing... Continue Reading →


50 Shades of Brown: Unpacking Colorism and Misogynoir

Growing up, I remember being told by elders that I would encounter opposition from other black folks because of my appearance. In other words, I was subtly conditioned to believe that being comparatively lighter skinned and perceivably “pretty” would subject me to hostility from darker skinned girls.

7 Unmistakable Signs Your Allyship Is Performative

As more people of privilege learn about systemic oppression, well-meaning folks--or those who find the idea of purposely contributing to injustice abhorrent-- have increasingly shown an interest in becoming an "ally". But being an ally is not just for show, it's a lifestyle that requires ongoing labor and self-reflection. Here are seven unmistakable signs that you need to reroute your approach to being an ally.

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