Our Writers

Liz Brazile, Founder and Editor


Liz is a 20-something journalist, social critic, and storyteller based in Cincinnati, OH. Her hobbies include reading about everything under the sun, studying astrology, obsessing over “Game of Thrones”, and working out.

Twitter: @LizBrazile

Instagram: @cocoaflauntas

J.A. Moore, Contributor


J.A. is a media critic who writes about self-awareness and personal growth. She enjoys public speaking, mentoring, informing the masses, and busting a few Zumba moves.

Allie Nichole, Contributor


Allie is a budding blogger and editorial writer based in Cincinnati, OH. When
she isn’t trolling social media to expose toxic behaviors and those who perpetuate them, she enjoys raising her two sons and cussing out her dear husband.

Kristen Rogers, Contributor


Kristen is a fat, black, queer unfriendly hottie based in Chicago, IL. When she’s not saving lives as a crisis therapist, she enjoys reading people for filth, watching “How to Get Away with Murder”, writing poetry, and practicing vinyasa yoga.

Twitter: @bougiebish

Instagram: @believe_the_hype

Stephanie Bohanon, Contributor


Stephanie is podcaster turned writer based in Cincinnati, OH who focuses on gender politics and dating issues as they pertain to millennials. Her hobbies include working out, planning events, and staying up-to-date on all things Beyoncé.

Twitter & Instagram: @bobeaubreaux