Interracial Relationships and Friendships Are Not Inherently Progressive

There is a pervasive, reoccurring sentiment that interracial relationships—both romantic and friendly—are the solution to America’s race problem. This narrative is frequently presented in the media and in literature, to the point where many of us cling to it for dear life whenever uncomfortable dialogues about racism arise. While this philosophy looks great on paper... Continue Reading →


The Cartoons You Watched As a Kid Might Be the Reason You Don’t Understand Boundaries and Consent

A lot of the cartoons we watched as kids implicitly programmed us to normalize sexual harassment. And watching male protagonists harass their female love-interests until they win them over has desensitized us to the need to respect people’s boundaries in real life. To say that the media we consume—including the things we watched as children—doesn’t influence our perceptions of what is socially and morally acceptable is to tell a lie. And from these same questionable depictions, young girls learn that being on the receiving end of such behavior is just a normal, everyday inconvenience that we should learn to deal with.

Don’t Appropriate Black Women’s Clap-backs Until You’re Ready to Address Your Misogynoir

On today’s episode of “What You Won’t Do”, I’d like to discuss an issue that is near and dear to my heart: people disrespecting black women and in the same breath, biting our language and style. I have particularly noticed this behavior from non-black queer men-- who, for all of their habitual emulation of black women, tend to be some of the biggest offenders when it comes to spewing misogynoir.

Stop Caping for Predators and Perpetuating Myths About Sexual Assault

As you may have heard by now, our washed-up but memorable childhood favorite, Nelly was arrested over the weekend amid allegations of raping a 21-year-old in Washington. The woman reported to filed a police report, saying the assault took place on Nelly’s tour bus. Additionally, videos have surfaced of the rapper creepily serenading young girls onstage and twirling their hair at his concerts. Film producer Harvey Weinstein is also making headlines as accounts of sexual misconduct with women in the industry are surfacing. And when sexual assault allegations against public figures arise, the rape apologists pull out their capes, ready to victim-blame and defend the men in question at all costs.

50 Shades of Brown: Unpacking Colorism and Misogynoir

Growing up, I remember being told by elders that I would encounter opposition from other black folks because of my appearance. In other words, I was subtly conditioned to believe that being comparatively lighter skinned and perceivably “pretty” would subject me to hostility from darker skinned girls.

7 Unmistakable Signs Your Allyship Is Performative

As more people of privilege learn about systemic oppression, well-meaning folks--or those who find the idea of purposely contributing to injustice abhorrent-- have increasingly shown an interest in becoming an "ally". But being an ally is not just for show, it's a lifestyle that requires ongoing labor and self-reflection. Here are seven unmistakable signs that you need to reroute your approach to being an ally.

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